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There is a super long email chain my inbox talking about post race blues, and I think I’ve got them. I’m not motivated, I kind of feel down in the dumps. I don’t feel the urgency to exercise. – I’ve only run once and been to the gym for weights once since I returned from San Diego. However,  I do feel the urgency to eat a lot. This is not a good combination.

So, I’ve got some kinks to work out.

I need to get back into a normal exercise routine, one that doesn’t make me ravenous. Now that I know that training for a long distance race does not bode well for weight loss I’m going to scale down the running a bit and concentrate on resistance training and some different types of cardio.

But don’t worry! I’m going to continue running. I love it too much (I can’t believe I just typed that).  My next major race is a 10K in September, so I definitely need to keep my conditioning in place.

After reading all this, you probably think I’ve gained this week, but actually, I’ve lost 1.4 pounds. I really can’t take credit – I’m pretty sure it’s the post race roller coaster.

This coming week, I’m going to focus on being motivated – to exercise, to eat properly. I need to get my head back in the game.

It’s on.