Shrinking Days of Summer: Weigh-in #5! Good Morning, Scale! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Good morning, everyone! How was your week this week? Did you stick it to that scale? Did it give you the business this morning? Go ahead, weigh in, post about it and leave your link in the comments! Or you can just weigh in below. Either way, tell us what happened this week!

And seriously, tell us allllll about it! Did you do great? And how bout exercise? Do you have have a pattern, a recurring little annoying problem, like me, late night eating, not enough water drinking… , go ahead and dish! All the dirty details, we want them! Scale and non-scale victories, all perfect wonderful blog and comment material!

Lisa’s been heading up our mini-challenges, and our latest one is journaling. How are you doing with that?? There’s still time to jump in and if you’re still hanging out on the side thinking “I don’t need to journal, I know what I’m doing…” I thought the same thing too until I journaled for the first time and boy was THAT an eye-opening experience. All of a sudden my one cookie turned to 2, my innocent pats of butter and my innocent little slices of cheese, all those teeny tiny things really added up and sabotaged me! Not to mention eating out at restaurants and how journaling opened my eyes to how difficult it is in some places to find any calorie-information whatsoever!

I’m looking forward to the week ahead! No matter how bad or good I’ve done, I love Wednesdays because it gives me a chance to analyze, plant my feet and re-commit. Which I’m doing today. I hope you do too! If you did great, keep it up! If you had a rough week, well, time to recharge.

Now leave your link and go visit your sisters, this is a Sisterhood for Pete’s sake!

(Who’s Pete?)

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