Shrinking Days of Summer Weigh-in, Week 3 | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Heeeeey, ho! Hee-eeey, ho-oooo!

Okay, I’m on vacation, and sadly (cough-cough) I cannot weigh-in today, but YOU can! So hop to it my lovelies! Get on those scales, marvel at the brand new number you see, and shout it out from the roof-tops. Okay, don’t really shout it out from the rooftops, because your neighbors will just think your a lunatic! Seriously, blog about it and link up in the comments section. Also, tell us how you’re doing with this challenge. Is it hard to try and lose weight during the summer, or does the thought of donning a swimsuit make you forgo all those tempting treats?

Speaking of swimsuits, be sure to check out our Land’s End Swimsuit Giveaway! We’re giving away 8 suits, and we’re not just giving them away, we are MODELING them on the internets. It’s awfully brave of us, yo! So give us some love, m’kay?

Have a great shrinking week! Peace out!

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