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Last week, our Sister Spotlight was Kirsten, and it was her job this week to choose a Sister Spotlight, and she has done a fine job if I say so myself!


I am so honored that April picked me as the Spotlighted Sister. I know I haven’t been the most active member of late, but as April mentioned I’ve got three kids at home, a part-time job, and this pesky 1/2 marathon training that has been consuming my time since January!

I say consuming in a good way.

Anyway, when I realized that *I* was the person to pick the next sister to spotlight, my first thought was, “man, something else for the to-do list”. But the more I thought about it, the more I was happy to have this honor of passing the torch. So I’ll get to the


The spotlight is now shining on Karena over at Very Nearly Vegan. I think she deserves the spotlight for so many reasons. The first and foremost is because even though she had planned to walk and wear a

decorated bra in the Edinburgh Moonwalk .

Unfortunately she has been plagued with injuries this spring and won’t be able to participate. So, why am I nominating her? What can we

learn from one of our own broken sisters?

Well, I am so very proud of her. She is embracing listening to her body and giving it what it wants – intuitive eating. She talks about

it in this post  – to which I

replied, “yes, it is normal and wonderful!” And not only is she learning to trust her body, she is learning to love who she is *now* and wants us all to love where we are now and how we look. She posted

this brave post .

I have so much love and respect for this lady. I’m hoping to make it to Orlando next January, because Karena is traveling from Belgium (accompanied by her adorable boys and her husband) to *hopefully* participate in the DisneyWorld Marathon on January 9th along with The

Sisterhood’s own ChristieO and Brooke
 and I want to meet this

woman. So go over and show Karena a little love and congratulate her

on her awesome attitude towards healthy living.

Congrats, Karena! And it’s time to put your thinking cap on, because
next week’s Sister Spotlight is up to you!


Karena, CONGRATS on your Sister Spotlight!!!! When you have your spotlight ready, please email it to [email protected]!

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