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Last week’s spotlighted sister, Bari, made an amazing choice for this week’s Spotlight, IMHO.  Read on, my friends…


Oh my goodness, where to begin???? I was flabbergasted when Karena chose me as last week’s Sister Spotlight.  I mean, seriously!  I’m just little o’ me, doing my thing.  It still blows my mind that people actually read my blog!  Thank you again, Karena, for the huge honor and a big thank you to everyone who left me such kind words this week.  I love all of you.

Because I love all of you, it made choosing this week’s sister to spotlight SOOOO FREAKING HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Every one of you has such wonderful qualities and has been incredibly supportive to me and your fellow sisters.  However, the rules state that I have to choose, so give a big shout-out to this week’s Sister in the Spotlight…..

Mendie! Mendie has been around Shrinking Jeans for quite some time and the more I get to know her, the more I ♥ this woman!  Mendie is dedicated to getting fit for many reasons, but one really stands out in my mind.  She wants to be fit for her future children. I think that is so commendable.  Right now she is the most awesome doggie mommy to her adorable Emma, and if the love she shows for Emma is any indication, Mendie is going to be a great mom someday.  As far as weight loss is concerned, she sets realistic goals and when life gets in the way, she readjusts and moves on.  She had a bit of a setback a couple months ago, but instead of throwing in the towel, she brushed herself off and got back to work.  Recently, Mendie has started walking more and joined the Biggest Loser challenge at work.  I have absolute faith that she is going to KICK BOOTIE in this challenge.  If this week’s weigh-in is any indication, she has this thing in the bag!  Mendie is also an amazing photographer.  Go check out her other blog and you’ll see why I envy her mad camera skills!  She’s even teaching me a few things.  Some of Mendie’s other awesome qualities:  she’s funny, sweet, fun to chat with on twitter, loves to play scrabble across the miles, selflessly helps others (thanks for my blog button and helping me with my cell phone mosaics!) and always makes wonderful comments on everyone’s posts (seriously, I don’t know how she gets anything else done!).  I cannot wait to meet this woman I whole-heartedly and proudly call my friend and Sister.  Mendie wears a necklace that says, “Never Give Up”.  It’s that kind of attitude that is going to find her becoming a healthy and fit little ladybug!  Much Love, Mendie!  Now, everyone else go tell Mendie what an awesome and special lady she is!


Congratulations, Mendie!! Now it’s your turn. Pick a sister to spotlight and e-mail your kudos to [email protected]!

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