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Well hello Tuesday, you are back so soon. Time to confess. This could be bad so I’m not gonna stall any longer.

Here it goes.

(hanging my head)

* Ice cream. Do I need to say anymore? I love it. When it gets hot out, I feel the need to eat it. Even worse? Dairy Queen double fudge cookie dough blizzard.  How am I ever going to fit in my bathing suit?

*Lack of meal planning for work = drive through take out. I have always said that if you are ordering a meal with a number, it isn’t good. Well. I’m guilty of not listening to my own advice. I know myself. I know I do not have self control. I *know* that I am far more successful if I plan my meals.

*Stress? Oh well I got it. A lot of it. Working full time, doing a side thing , a sick baby, an active 9 year old, and the list of excuses goes on…Plain and simple…stress. When I am stressed, I do not do well on a diet or exercise plan. I binge eat. Stress eating is not going to get me to my goal any time soon.

*Beat stress with exercise? Yeah. I know. I haven’t don’t that either. I sat at home feeling GUILTY as my fellow sisters ran a half marathon.

(Hello, they freaking rocked it!)

((so proud of them))

*Although I am in a smaller size than a few months ago, I have not been actively working towards my goal.

*Time has escaped me and I totally forgot to weigh in for the last few weeks. BUT as I typed this I just weighed in at work for another round of biggest loser(the work edition). So. my goal in 8 weeks is 10 #.

*Pizza. That is all I’m going to say about that.

Coming clean does make me feel better but more importantly we need to learn from our mistakes, right? Confession Tuesday always makes me aware of where I am going wrong. How about you? Did you fall hard this week? Are you heading in the wrong direction too? Well, let’s stomp on those breaks and change directions. WE got this, right?

If not, (GO YOU!)

What are you going to do about it? What can you change? My big change for this week is to meal plan. Alright, another week is behind us, so let’s get going on bigger and BETTER things.

and can we give another big round of applause for



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