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Big, deep sigh.

True Confessions time.  Again.  I just “confessed” last week, after not “confessing” for a very long time.  What more could I have to say?  Well, there is always more to say and in this case, confess.

The good part is that I don’t have to do it alone.  You guys get to confess with me- wheeeee!!!!  So I’ll take a turn and you can learn about how great my week/month has been and all the “confessions” rolling around in my head, and then you can head to your blog, post your own confessions and then come back here to share your link in the comments. 


Ok, here we go.

  1. Remember how last week I said I hadn’t stepped on a scale in over a month, maybe 6 weeks?  Well, I stepped on the scale this morning WTH was I thinking? and was not all together surprised to see that my weight has increased skyrocketed to the tune of 7 lbs.  Stress, weeks of vacation, and a good ole dose of “I just didn’t effing care” is what I attribute this gain to.  Yes, I realize that it is not Weigh-In day but I truly felt the need to unload this, onto all of you.  I am only human and I, too, fall off the wagon at times.  Now, it is time to climb back on and steer my weight loss in the right direction.
  2. I had not realized how much stress I was carrying from the half marathon training until it was over.  I almost feel carefree!  Don’t get me wrong, being part of Team Shrinking Jeans was an amazing experience and pushed me beyond my comfort zone, but boy oh boy, was the entire four months of our training stressful for me.  Now that it is over, I am enjoying my workouts again AND I feel like I have some free time as much free time as you can have with 3 kids, ha ha.    
  3. I drink 90+ oz of water PER DAY.  EVERY DAY.  What about you?
  4. I am slowly returning to eating 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day.  Today (Monday evening), I have had 3 servings.  I think I will snack on some fruit after I finish this post.  Speaking of the healthy stuff, have you check out our newest mini-challenge?
  5. My kitchen is dirty and I wish I had a kitchen fairy to come clean it up.  Actually, I wish I had a fairy godmother who would wave her magic wand and make my house magically clean, instantly.  Every week.  And the laundry done, too.  IJS.

OK, now it’s your turn.  Have fun and don’t forget to share your link in the comments below!

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I’m a runner, on my way to becoming a marathoner. I am 42 years old and have found a peaceful acceptance of my body. Through running, I have discovered who I am, besides a mom to three kids and a wife to one. I truly enjoy sharing my love of fitness with others while empowering and motivating women to conquer their fear of the unknown. In my spare time, I manage the Run with the Sisterhood Facebook page, work here and there for Zooma Women’s Race Series, and work part-time at our local YMCA.