True Confessions of Melissa – The Shrinking Jeans of Melissa


June 29, 2010 by Support

I am happy to report that things are looking much better this week. Except for that pizza incident on Sunday. That three-pound gain last Wednesday was kind of an eye-opener that I need to knock this shit off!

I have been drinking much more water on a regular basis.

I have been working out.

I think my arms are getting super-buff.  You know… under the protective layer that surrounds my muscles.

I want to have amazing shoulders. I don’t exactly know WHY I want amazing shoulders, but for some reason it is important to me.

My daughter turns 11 tomorrow. My twins turn 7 on Saturday. We are attending a wedding on Saturday.  It’s my Dad’s birthday and the Fourth of July on Sunday. I may be going to Florida next week. Then Texas the week after. I know that I will be consuming a lot of alcohol and surrounded by yummy food.

I just am going to find ways to work in healthier options when I can, and to get up and move!

I am doing a 10K on Saturday morning, before my hometown parade and Roughrider festivities! While in Florida, I will be swimming and will try and get in a run or two along the beach! I will make Christy exercise with me in Texas before we drink beer.

I also have decided I will do a fall half marathon for SURE, just not sure which one. I would really, really love to do the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll with my girls, Lisa and Christy, but I don’t know that I can justify the cost of plane tickets to my husband. You never know though, maybe Delta or United will swoop in and decide to save the day and sponsor me, right? ;p

Until next week….