WeighIn Wednesday – Christie O


June 30, 2010 By christieo

Well, the week has been both good and bad weight, nutrition and activity-wise. The goodbadnews is that Sunday I had a sprint triathlon and it was me revisiting my first one from last year! It’s good because hooray! I beat my time from last year! It’s bad because I am up the two pounds I usually gain after a triathlon. Happens every time. And I’m not even sure it’ll go away this time because I literally ate everything I could get my face on afterward. I don’t know what it was. The famishedness afterward, I mean literally, I ravaged through tacos and pizza like I had been on a 30-day hunger strike!

The dinner situation at my house is good, I have been cooking out of a new cookbook I just got and I have been trying out new healthy dinner recipes. The rest of the day, well, I think lunch has been the biggest culprit. Because we spend the whole morning at the pool for  swim lessons, and then we’ve been known to drive through somewhere afterward. Although I have been trying to only do that once a week, in reality it has been a little more depending on what else we have going on that day. Not a great example, I know. It’s all about the choices. And Mommy’s been a #momfail for that one.

However, we have been eating LOTS of fruit and healthy snacks. So there is some good going on here.  See? It’s all a great big give and take.

Anyway, I’ll sum it up right here: I am between training plans, which is SCREWING ME! To tell you the honest truth. I feel like I’m flailing around with no direction, but what I really need to do is sit down, hammer out my training plan and get back on Weight Watchers so I am logging my food and that’s that!

So  that’s my “project” for this week. By this time next Wednesday, I will have a renewed motivation because I will be on a plan and I will have lost that two pounds of tacos I ate. The end. Hold me to it. Please?