Will Somebody Kick Me in the Virtual Ass? (True Confessions) – The Shrinking Jeans of Heather


June 22, 2010 By heather

I feel slug like. Sluggish? Nah, slug like. Unctuous and just oozing along.

I don’t know if it’s because I trained so hard for six months, obsessing over nutrition, mileage, injuries and the like, and now my brain has just shut off.

So, I figure that I need to just own up to what I’ve been getting up to (or not been getting up to) to possibly shame myself into getting back into a proper routine.

Here we go:

1) I’ve exercised two times total this week. Once in the gym, and one run. Both times I pushed myself. This is good.

2) However, after I exercise, I feel like I need to refuel. But I’m forgetting that I’m not REALLY training right now. And I need to stop eating like I am.

3) We went out to dinner on Saturday night. Seriously, that is a momentous occasion. We have a date night, like, maybe twice a year. So I ate like it was my last supper. At P.F. Changs. Most things were deep fried. And there was dessert. And pear mojitos (yes, plural).

4) Father’s Day started out great, but turned into a graze fest once I got to my sister-in-laws. Lamb, salmon, potato salad, brie and rosemary crackers, taco dip…ugh. Good but good lord! Really? What is wrong with me? Oh yeah, I forgot, strawberry shortcake. And wine. I mean it. What is wrong with me?

5) I know what I’m doing right now, food and exercise wise, is not good. At all. But I’m slipping back into ‘the diet starts tomorrow’ mode. I need motivation! I don’t want to beat up on myself, so I’m trying to stay positive, but it sucks to think that a few months ago I was only 10 pounds or so away from goal, and now I’m closer to 20. GAH.

Whew. Okay. I feel better, strangely. Now to make dinner. Fish and salad. Fish and salad. No wine. No wine.