True ConfessionsI ran today….. – The Shrinking Jeans of Lisa


July 13, 2010 By lisa

Sure, I could post about the debauchery of the Bachelorette Party weekend and the plethora of margaritas and yummy cake.  I could talk about the excess of food and how it’s been difficult this past week to reign it in.

However, I would rather talk about running.  Today.  For the first time since May 1st.

I started rehab for my hip last week and after yesterday’s session, the doc specifically instructed me to RUN.  Today.

And so I ran.

I’m not going to lie to you.  It was hard….hot and humid (84 degrees)….nerve-racking….

But I did it.  I ran 2.0 miles today, focusing on my form and my breathing and taking it slow….real slow.  My hips did not hurt, except for when I went from walking to running- the first 10 seconds of that transition and my hips just felt all wonky but then they would feel fine as soon as I found my running rhythm.

I did it.  My hips did not collapse on me.  I am not in pain.  A little sore, yes, but not painful.

Afterwards, I did the hip strengthening exercises that the doctor prescribed.  Four exercises on each side, 2 sets of 15.  I thought the hip exercises were just as difficult (if not MORE) than the actual running.  The exercises just reinforced to me how weak my hips are from birthing babies (3 in 5 years), the constant pounding of the running (since October 2009) and the lack of strength training.

I got me some weak hips…..I am trying to change that with going to the sports rehab doc and doing my prescribed exercises.

I want to continue to be a runner.

I AM a runner.

PS- I am now realizing how hard it is to get back into running since I have not been doing it for so long.  I almost feel like I am starting all over.  I have been contemplating the C25K (Couch to 5K) or C210K (Couch to 10K) program or even the Couch to 1/2 marathon program to help get me back into it.  If I do decide to follow one of these programs, would anyone be interested in joining me?