Shrinking Days of Summer – FINALE! – The Shrinking Jeans of Thea


July 21, 2010 By thea

Oh my goodness, I went to post today and I realized I haven’t posted a weigh in in FOUR WEEKS!  That’s uncalled for!

A couple of those weeks were traveling and I didn’t even weigh in…mostly because I didn’t have access to a scale or computer. But seriously, if I had weighed in, it wouldn’t be pretty.

But that’s in the past! Because today, I weighed in at 157. Just got by by the skin of my teeth! I have now maintained my 153-157 weight range for 21 out of the past 29 weeks. WOOHOO!! I’m super proud of that!

Next week’s weigh in might be a little sketchy…my first triathlon (eek!) is on Sunday and my birthday is on Monday. I’m going to try to take it easy, but come on…it’s my birthday! And my first triathlon. There will be some celebratory indulging going on. Count on it.