Good morning, Day! – Christie O


July 7, 2010 By christieo

It was a rough past week for me. I made lots of bad decisions and choices, I dragged my whole family into the snacking and the fast food and the rest of that slippery slope that roadtrips can take and I’m paying for it today!

I feel bloated and large. My body is angry at me.

This journey toward health is riddled with good choices and bad, regrets and victories and on wagon and off wagon. I wish I could be more consistent when faced with adversities like crazy road trips and vacations. I am going to work on that because the entire next 2 weeks of July I am trapsing all over the place and will need to keep myself in check. Starting with tomorrow and going to New York. SQUEEEEE!!

I finally started making better food choices this week and I talked to our virtual TNT coach (Coach Joe!) and he’s working on a training plan for me which I am desperate for.

And then things will be better.

I need a plan and I am in cold sweats until I get one. I am like an addict and I must feed my addiction and without it I am lost.

But things are looking up. I haven’t gotten wildly out of control, I am up on the scale today but I can still stop the madness. Not beating myself up, just catching it before it’s too late. Which is more than I could say for previous “me’s” who would have just eaten her way further into deficit. That’s not me anymore.

I hope everyone did well this week! Stay strong! I am trying like hell!!!