I LOVE ME! Self, Wanna Make Out? – The Shrinking Jeans of Heather


July 23, 2010 By heather

Lame title, I know. But this week’s mini challenge was about self love, and boy, I need to love myself up something fierce these days!

And I do firmly believe that health, real health, is an entire package. Mind, body and soul. And sometimes, to get the mind going in the right direction, you’ve got to take evasive action on all those icky negative thoughts that come creeping in your mind (I’m not the only one who gets the ugly, self degrading thoughts, right?).

This is what I did this week to treat myself right:

1) I started seeing my trainer again. I can hardly walk today – he kicked my heinie last night with squats and lunges. Oh my. Hurts so good.

2) I have been taking better care of my nails. I usually neglect them terribly. It’s kind of nice looking down and seeing groomed fingernails.

3) Instead of my usual 5 minute or less, bare bones shower, I’ve been allowing myself more luxurious showers and even soaks in the tub. And stop the presses…I’ve shaved my legs twice this week. I know. Armageddon is nearing.

4) Dry skin is something I always have and always ignore. This week, I’ve slathered myself with cream after EVERY shower or bath. My skin is thanking me. So is my husband.

5) I’ve been mindful of what I’m eating this week in that I actually ask myself if I’m hungry or just looking to squash some other feelings. And if I discover I’m squashing, I ruminate on what I can do to make things better – besides eating a carton of ice cream.

6) The sun is out and instead of sitting inside or making myself clean the house, I go out and enjoy it. Cause it’s only here 1% of the year and I deserve some damn vitamin D. Speaking of, I’m going out, right now!

Hope everyone else is having some warm fuzzy moments with themselves!