Mailbag Monday – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s time for another edition of Mailbag Monday! You ask questions, we answer them (or find someone to answer them). Keep those questions coming- just shoot an email to [email protected] or leave them down below in the comments.

This week’s featured question is from Kim at Nothing But Chatter.  She writes:

Do you consider juice the cheater’s way to get your f/v in?

What is your favorite breakfast?

How do you deal w/late night snacking?

What made you join the ‘hood? How did you find it?

What is your least favorite exercise’?

Instead of just me answering these questions, I thought it might be fun to ask our writers for their answers and they so kindly obliged.

Donya (she was the quickest to respond- Go DONYA!)

Nope, as long as you get it, right? But I tend to stay away from juices because of the higher sugars, etc.

Egg white omelet

I eat cheerios and low fat milk. Crunchy, sweet and I get some dairy in since I hardly drink milk.

It’s where all the cool kids were going.

Walking lunges. Hate them and push ups, my wrists hate those.


Yes, you need the fiber from the whole fruit. I drank a lot of juice when I was first pregnant and my doctor attributed a lot of my weight gain to the juice. Basically straight sugar.

I love a low calorie/high fiber (usually Thomas’s) English muffin with one wedge of laughing cow original Swiss and a Morningstar farms breakfast sausage. Or, steel cut oats with blueberries and a little sugar.

Brush my teeth and/or go to bed.

I found the Sisterhood through blog hopping. I read anonymously for a while, then saw a picture of myself looking really puffy and unhealthy and knew I was supposed to join.

Burpies. Basically like a squat thrust on crack. And I almost always feel like I’m going to pass out or vomit (or both) when I do them.


I don’t really look at juice as a way to get fruit/vegetables in. It’s lacking in the nutrients and fiber that fresh fruits and veggies have! I really don’t even have juice in my house, except for the occasional OJ which I dilute with water….

My favorite breakfast is farm fresh eggs. I have a friend who has chickens, so I always have a fresh-from-the-coup supply!

Late night snacking. Hmmm. That’s hard. I normally don’t snack at night (a habit I broke a long time ago), but sometimes if I get hungry, I just have something and try not to feel guilty about it. If I do snack, it’s usually a bowl of cereal!

I started the Sisterhood with a few friends, so I guess I ‘joined’ because I know it’s easier to lose weight when you have friends supporting (and kicking you in the ass) you along the way! Plus, who doesn’t want to air all their dieting laundry online 🙂

I really hate all exercise, except running, but it’s a necessary evil 😛


I quit drinking juice a long time ago. It’s just too sweet. I definitely don’t think it’s the ideal choice, but if given the choice between juice and pop, juice wins every time.

Every morning, I have oatmeal with yogurt mixed in, a piece of fruit, and a cup of coffee. Keeps me full all morning!

Oh gosh, I have to make myself stop eating at 9pm. I have to. I will eat all night long if I let myself. It’s just a matter of saying “I don’t want really want that”. It’s easier said than done though, I know…

I’ve been part of The Sisterhood in one form or another for a long time. It’s just so wonderful to be surrounded by like minded people who KNOW that losing weight is not easy. That it takes work and laughter and fun and work.

Running. I don’t like running. At all. But I do it. Because it’s easy and cheap and easy. But I don’t like it!


I do not consider drinking juice as the equivalent to getting your fruits and veggies in for the day.  At all.  In fact, I don’t really drink juice EVER as I think it has too much sugar in it.  Now coffee, that is my drink haven and I know it has absolutely ZERO health benefit!

I am about to admit it, but I am not a big breakfast fan.  It is my least favorite meal of the day and I would rather skip it.  However, everyone and their dog is yapping at me that I MUST. EAT. BREAKFAST and so I do it because “I am supposed to”.   Well that, plus I don’t want to pass out while doing my morning exercises!  My typical breakfast is a Fiber One bar (love me some high fiber foods- ha ha) and a banana.

Late night snacking is my arch enemy and something I struggle with daily….like every single day.  It is a bad habit that I must break and frankly, it sucks.  On my good days, I will do like the Biggest Loser contestants say they do and pop a piece of Extra gum in my mouth to curb the cravings- it actually works.  My favorite flavor is Polar Ice : ).

I had just had my third baby in five years when my best friend Christy started the ‘hood (along with Melissa).  I heard ALL about it before it’s launching.  I followed along from the beginning, but it wasn’t until a few months later that I was ready to start my own post-pregnancy weight loss journey.  And check it out, my “baby” is now 21 months old and I am STILL trying to get rid of the extra weight- GAH!!!!!

Don’t hate me, but I love exercising.  It is the only guaranteed time of day that I am child-free, sweating makes me feel healthy, I love the burning sensation from lifting weights, I like the camaraderie of working out with friends, I love the tone and definition of having muscles, I love having a healthy heart.  If I had to pick ONE thing that I am not a fan of, it would be ANY and ALL core work, because it freakin’ hurts the CORE of my body and it is HARD (that means I have a weak core- HA!!!!!)