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This week’s edition of Mailbag Monday is here!!!

Nancy, our very own Bacardi Mama, made the decision to join Weight Watchers a couple of weeks ago, and she asked this question:

I just started Weight Watchers and I was wondering if you had any special tips for me.

Well, Nancy, as you know most of us here at the Sisterhood have been on Weight Watchers at one time, or are currently on Weight Watchers, so it’s obvious that we love it. Here are a few things I can tell you:

  1. It works if you work it. I’m convinced that Weight Watchers is fail-proof. Well, you can fail, if you choose not to count your POINTS and log them.
  2. It’s time consuming, at least in the beginning. It takes time to learn the program, and get into the habit. I know when I first started, I was afraid to eat anything for the first 2 weeks. Maybe that’s why I had such great losses those weeks!
  3. It’s like riding a bike. Once you get it figured out, you’ll be able to figure POINTS values in your head on demand.
  4. It’s not a diet. It truly is a lifestyle, and once you accept it as such you’ll be well on your way to your goal weight, and a healthy lifestyle forever and ever, amen.
  5. Use your POINTS. You get XX amount of them everyday, and you need to use them all. If you have a few left at the end of the day, have a nice cold Bacardi & Diet Coke, or maybe a frosty mug of milk. You also need to use your Flex POINTS. Yes, all 35 of them, every week. Break them up and use some each day, or spend them all on a splurge day. Use them, that’s what they’re there for, and you’ll be much less grumpy because you won’t feel deprived.
  6. Activity POINTS are a little different. In my opinion, if you are trying to lose weight, I don’t think it’s necessary to eat the Activity POINTS you earn each week. Some people may have differing opinions, and you certainly earn those POINTS for a reason, so my suggestion is to try it and see what works for you. Eat some of them, or eat all of them one week, and see how it affects your weigh-in. The next week, don’t eat them and see what happens. Find a good balance.

Here are some other things we’ve written about Weight Watchers in the past that might help you along the way:

That’s it from me on this edition of Mailbag Monday, but if you have any tips you’d like to share with Nancy and the rest of us, please feel free to leave a comment or links below!

If you have a question, any question, for us you can email it [email protected].

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