Mini-Challenge Check-in | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans


It’s Friday and I want to know how you did with this week’s mini-challenge! Did you succeed? Did you find 3 ways to love yourself each day this week?

Here’s my list:

  1. Wear make-up
  2. Wear perfume
  3. Buy something for just me (bought my favorite Jelly Belly Jelly Beans!)
  4. Worked out and felt strong
  5. Admired my hair because it’s long and I love it, then I thought about chopping it off because it’s SO HOT!
  6. Realized my arms are pretty awesome and wore sleeveless shirts.
  7. Looked in the mirror and said some positive affirmations.
  8. Started counting WW POINTS in earnest because I am worth the effort.
  9. Gave myself a mini-facial.
  10. Read a book about the psychology of weight-loss and realized I need to be easier on myself.
  11. Starting reading a non-health related book because it’s been forever, and I need to make time for it!
  12. I told myself that I ROCK several times.
  13. Made a menu-plan and grocery shopped so I can stay on top of my POINTS.
  14. Admired the muscles in my legs and realized how strong they are.

Okay, I felt a little silly writing some of that out, but I think it’s important that you realize you NEED to do these things. You need to tell yourself you ROCK. You’d do it for your best friend, wouldn’t you? You’d tell her she’s beautiful and smart and funny, right? So do it for YOU. Everyday!

So go ahead, share your love for yourself. Tell everyone how awesome you are and how you reminded yourself of that this week!

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