Shrinking Days of Summer – The. End. – The Shrinking Jeans of Heather


July 21, 2010 By heather

This challenge, for me, was a great example of how not being there mentally is not conducive to weight loss.

If I was feeling super negative today, I’d say, in fact, this challenge, for me, was an epic fail.

However, I’m not feeling negative today. I had a bit of a meltdown yesterday, but I pulled on my big girl panties, went for a run and tried to be physical and productive all day long.

It did a world of good, seriously.  Physical activity, for me, is the one thing keeping me out of therapy and off meds some days. Endorphins are an amazing thing.

Another thing I’ve noticed? When I’m busy and moving all day, my KID is happier. Double bonus.

As I’m feeling moderately good today (I’m not going to lie and be all like I’M FANTASTIC! Cause I’m not. No biggie, can’t be super happy all the time. And that’s okay), I’m going to take this challenge at for what it really was, for me. An experience. An exercise in maintenance.

Why maintenance? Because I’m back to where I started (well almost – I’m at 170.6 instead of 170.4). I lost almost two pounds this week. And I’m thrilled with that. Why? I worked hard. I ran, I hit the gym, I did at home workouts. I sweated. I let myself be hungry. I was mindful of why I was eating.  And it worked. Finally.

I’m so looking forward to the next challenge. I want to go in full throttle. Eyes wide open. Ready to work, hard.

Who’s with me?