Shrinking Days of Summer – Week 7. 7!! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Hey all!!

Can you believe is already July 14th?  That means there is only ONE WEEK LEFT of the current challenge! ONE WEEK!

Now please pull up a couch, lay down, and let me analyze you. Comfy? Good.

How does that previous statement make you feel? Did you jump up and down because there’s only one week left? Did you run around the room screaming in disbelief? Are you happy? Sad? Frustrated? Tired of the psychologist imagery?

O.K. folks, it’s time to hit the scales. Please put down the hammer, don’t actually hit the scales. How’d you do this week? Write a post and leave the link in the comments. Short on time? Just leave a comment to let us know how you feel.

And don’t forget…

Are you still moving? I know there’s a new 6 week EA Sports Challenge going on over in The ‘Hood and a couple of the girls are starting a new 30 Day Shred with updates on Twitter. Wanna join in? Go for it!

Good luck this week guys! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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