That weekly weighin thing – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


July 14, 2010 By Christy

Good morning everyone I’m sure you probably didn’t notice, but I didn’t weigh-in last week. Why you might ask? Because I was up and I was embarrassed. Seriously. After have a loss the week before, and proclaiming that I was back on the WW wagon, I blew it and gained 1.4 pounds. Not cute at all.

So this week, or at least the latter half of this week, I really put the pedal to the medal. While I didn’t religiously track my WW points, I did get in LOTS of activity, which my body has sorely been missing (and now my body is just sore). What kind of activity? MOWING. Yep, good old fashioned push mowing. We have 6 acres, and normally we mow a portion of our ‘yard’ with a riding mower, but it’s out of commission right now, so we had to mow with a push mower. As is ‘not-self-propelled-omg-I-think-I-might die’. Also, our yard is hilly (think Texas Hill Country), yo.

I proclaim that mowing a hilly yard with a push mower in the Texas heat for HOURS upon hours burns approximately 10,000 calories. Or maybe not. But it felt like it.

I also ran this weekend. A little over 4 miles. Hey, I’m easing back in

And last night, in addition to the amazing Tworkout that April hosted (you were there right? Don’t be lazy), I also Shredded. At 9:30, because I’m totally awesome like that. You know what? I felt so good when I was done. So good about moving and sweating. So good about myself.

This morning the scales reflected my efforts this week.

Challenge start: 140.2 Last weigh-in: 143

This week: 142

Keep in mind, that week I was 144.4, and I was too embarrassed to tell you. Maybe I’ll make it back to my challenge starting weight before the challenge ends. That would be nice. (stupid vacation).