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How many times have you heard, “DON’T DRINK YOUR CALORIES!”?

Many, many, many times, right?  Right.  And how many times have you heard that artificial sweeteners are bad, bad, bad for you?  Many times, right? (That’s true, you know.  And a whole other post.)

Well, what if I told you, I have found a 0 calorie drink, that has NO artificial sweeteners?  Would you be excited?  Let me share a story with you…

My mom and I recently went to the grocery store to buy things to pack a picnic lunch.  We were going hiking the next day and decided it would be a good day to picnic as well.  My dad and I tend to sweat a lot, and she knew it was going to be hot out, so we were looking at drinks that had electrolytes in them.  The problem with a lot of sports drinks is that they either have tons of calories or artificial sweeteners.

We came across the SoBe lifewater section, and I noticed that they had a few flavors of the 0 calorie variety.  What caught my eye, though, was under “0 calories” was the words “all natural”.  Interesting, I thought.  I wonder how they sweetened it. So, I turned the bottle over to read the label.

What I found is that the 0 calorie lifewaters are sweetened with erythritol. (Erythritol is Jillian recommended, by the way.) To spare you the science lesson, I’ll tell you that erythritol is a natural sugar substitute.  What’s good about it, is not only does it have almost no calories, but also,  it has no affect on blood sugar or tooth decay.  Your body also aborbs it, which means, it’s easier on your stomach, unlike other sugar substitutes.  (Source: Wikipedia)  Yeah, okay, so maybe that was a LITTLE bit of a science experiment.

Great, I thought.  It’s all natural, but how does it taste, is the question, right?  People, let me tell you that the Fuji Apple Pear is to die for.  (That’s my mom’s favorite too!) I’m also a fan of the Strawberry Kiwi lemonade.

The only problem that I have is that it does contain some sodium.  But after a long day of hiking, replacing that sodium isn’t a bad thing.

Look, we all know that it’s important to get your water in.  It’s important to not waste calories on drinks, but there are going to be times when we just don’t feel like water.  So, I’m giving you permission to try a SoBe 0 calorie lifewater.  You’re welcome. 🙂

Have you tried these yet?  If so, what did you think?  If not, go get you one try it, then tell us!

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