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Hello? Anyone there? It’s me, Crooked Eyebrow. I hope you remember me, seeing how it has been so very long since I posted here.  I’m here to run down Thursday Three with all you fine gorgeous people.  Have I told you just how wonderful you are? Not lately you say? Well you are.

You know this summer has been a difficult one for me emotionally. You know what that means? I ate. I got so busy during this past challenge at home and work, that I had to give up time for my own personal goals. Do you know where that put me? Depressed, sad and about 5 pounds heavier. I was running short on time almost everyday and ate out, skipped weigh ins, didn’t get sleep, drank pop. At this point I am ending July in a way I did not want to, out of steam and emotionally worn.

This is the point where I shake myself, slap my self out of it and get back in the game so I can wear some skinny jeans. Ya know what I mean? Since I have been an emotional, stressed, hot mess as of lately, I figured I needed to think of some ways how I could  de-stress (is there such a thing), that would leave me  feeling better, (and hopefully boosting my self confidence back up to where it *should* be).

Long story short:

3 things to get back on emotional track for success, because after all, summer isn’t over.  No throwing in that beach towel just yet!

1) “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is that chubby girl staring back at me?”

I am my biggest critic but yet I am never, ever my biggest supporter. Everyday when I look at myself I find flaws, things I dislike about my face, or my thighs or my bingo arms. I never remember to pick out the great qualities that are staring right back at me. We talk so much about encouraging each other, now we need to keep encouraging and supporting ourselves.  When I work harder at remembering to me good to myself, good things usually follow…

2)Write it out. I made excuses not to write or blog so much this summer. No time, dishes needed to be done, babies to feed… you know. We all have lists of excuses for things that didn’t get done. You know what? I don’t have very many people out side of social media outlets to talk to, so writing was my way of expressing my emotions. I stopped and well, things kinda built up and cluttered my views. By not taking the time out to express myself I have helped to create an emotional monster knowing full well that I am not successful at making healthy choices when I’m stressed,sad, exhausted,etc…

Plan? write it out, talk it out, work it out and move onward.

3) Physically, my whole entire body is screaming for some help. I can’t tell you the last time I sat alone for at least a half hour without a baby, a computer or a car. My mind is on over drive and it doesn’t shut off.  This is where some people claim that yoga helps. Me? I haven’t accepted yoga goodness into my life yet. Maybe one day.  Others say running or lifting weights help. You know what I love, that just makes me so very happy?  A pedicure. I haven’t had one since I was over due in October. The massage chair, the foot rub, having someone else do something for me. The time away…yeah, just thinking about it makes me happier.

A happy, relaxed body can carry you onto some pretty amazing things…there are so many ways to help yourself get back on track. So. Many. Not everything works for every person. You know what works for you. If you don’t, try something new. Maybe I should do that whole yoga thing after all….

So, go on, share What are some ways you put your self back in the groove and feeling fine?

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