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At the Sisterhood, we’ve been reviewing and sharing tips from Weight Watchers new book: Eat! Move! Play!

Here are some quick tips:


Instead of: Grabbing fast food or take-out when you’re rushed and don’t have time to cook dinner,

Try: Picking up a rotisserie chicken and cooking frozen veggies you’ve been keeping on hand.

Instead of: Feeding your kids or yourself and your spouse whenever each person gets home from work and after-school activities,

Try: Appointing a family dinner hour and exercising control over when you stop working or playing so that you can have the evening meal together.

Instead of: Skipping breakfast because you’re in a hurry in the morning or grabbing something on the fly,

Try: Having everyone get up 20 minutes earlier so you can all start the day with a healthy morning meal.


Instead of: Going to the movies, a puppet show, or another form of passive entertainment every weekend,

Try: Planning a family bike ride or an outing to a park where you can play tag, kick a ball, or find another way to be active.

Instead of: Indulging the munchies when your child is frustrated, upset, or otherwise out of sorts,

Try: Suggesting that you go out and toss a ball or play croquet or badminton to blow off steam.


Instead of: Snacking while your family watches TV,

Try: Keeping your hands busy—with coloring, doing a puzzle, or knitting—or letting everyone chew sugarless gum if they feel the need to have something in their mouths.

Instead of: Rewarding your child for good behavior or an accomplishment with a sweet treat or another form of food,

Try: Letting him pick a special activity to do together or even a movie to watch together.

Instead of: Having your kids clamor for your attention and something to eat while you scramble to pull dinner together in the early evening,

Try: Reconnecting with a fun activity such as dancing or coloring together, then serve them some veggies and dip or apple slices and ask them to keep you company while you get dinner ready.

What can you add to this list? We want to know! Blog about it and link below, or simply leave your tips in the comments below!

Weight Watchers provided all of us at the Sisterhood copies of Eat! Move! Play! for the purpose of review. We were not compensated in any way, and as always, our opinions are our own, yo! Also, if you click that link down below and buy the book through our Amazon store, we’ll earn about $.04. Tell all your friends!

Reprinted from the book Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! With permission from John Wiley & Sons Inc.

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