True Confessions Tuesday: It’s Time to Fess Up, Sisters. | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


We all have good days and we all have bad days, right? Here, we talk a lot about the good ones, but we leave our good friend, Tuesday, to talk about our hiccups. So today, I air all of mine, so won’t you air yours? I confess to the following:

  • Biscuits and gravy at the Cracker Barrel. Dammit.
  • Mickey D’s on our road trip to South Florida.
  • Wings and friedness at a birthday party in South Florida that was held at a pub. Followed by a beer after my child had the tantrum of his lifetime. And mine.
  • More friedness at a restaurant for another birthday party for my grandmother who turned 95. 95!!!!!!!!!!!! And another exclamation mark HERE!! She had dessert and so did I.
  • Darn it. I didn’t think I was that bad until I started writing it down. Which means I violated my own policy in the first place of writing everything down. Because that’s how I normally keep my indiscretions in check. Because I allow myself indiscretions, just not every day and every birthday party. Darnit darnit darnit.

OK, now that it’s into the big dark void of the internet and I’ve released it all into the universe, I can start over again. How shall I turn this around, you ask? I finally got my training plan from our Team Shrinking Jeans coach, Coach Joe. I, along with fellow sister, Kirsten, have solicited his help for our training for the Disney Marathon next January. (Anyone wanna join us??) He has written up a marathon/triathlon training plan for me that I am plugging away at as we speak. Hurrah! Hurrah hurrah hurrah!

So, as part of the plan, I ran 6 miles last night. I ran 4 miles over the weekend and I swam for 25 minutes at the hotel. Tonight is speedwork at the track. Tomorrow a bike ride, Friday a bike ride, Saturday a bike and a run. THAT SHOULD TAKE CARE OF IT! Darnit! Meantime, I’m wearing my “discipline” necklace again because it’s time to eat better.

I’m back on, baby! What about you? Let’s air it and get it all out of our systems! Have a wonderful Tuesday. Set it all freeeeeeee! Post about it here in the comments or post it on your blog and link-up, baby!

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