Lisa » Blog Archive » Out of town and still lost (a little!)


I am going to call this a drive-by post because it’s going to be short and sweet.

I am visiting Christy.  Actually, I am packing up to had back to Austin today, which saddens me to no end.  When we visit, we aim for 4 nights because we roll like that but this visit was only 3 nights because of other obligation/social engagments we have back home.  Boo-Hiss.  However, we’ve already decided that we are going to squeeze in one visit before school starts and hopefully schedule a girl’s weekend in the next month or two.  Yippee!

I only got to exercise once while I was here but it was pretty eye-opening heart-shaking for me.  At least I got that out of the way and the next time I do it, it will hopefully be easier.  So let’s get to the weigh-in….

Start weight (Sun): 173 lbs

Today’s weight (Wed) 172.4 lbs

Loss of 0.6lbs

It’s a small loss but I will gladly accept it.  It’s always a little more difficult to maintain (or lose) weight when away from home.  Oh yeah, I am part of the most awesome team- Exotic Ganstas- holla, holla!