100 Push-up Challenge – The Shrinking Jeans of April


August 11, 2010 By april

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted about my Adventures in Cycling.  I haven’t posted because I figured you guys would get tired of me gushing about my bike and how riding my bike makes me feel like Harry Potter and how I never want to get off my bike.  So, I’ve spared you all the gushing.  You’re welcome.

A few days ago (or was it a week ago?), I noticed a few of you led by that mom, who wears a cape like no other, started chatting on Twitter about the 100 push-up challenge.

I’ve known about 100 push-ups for a while now.  Actually, the first time I heard about it was years ago on my favorite podcast Buzz Out Loud, and while I don’t mind push-ups at all, this has just scared me.

So, I’m watching some of you people talk, talk, talking that they’re going to start 100 push-ups, and then I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I caved and joined in.

Week1 Day1

I completed 8 in my initial test, which put me in the level 2 category. So, for Day1, my workout out was 6 push-ups, 60 second rest, 6 push-ups, 60 second rest, 4 push-ups, 60 second rest, 4 push-ups, 60 second rest, then max out.

I’m going to admit that the work out wasn’t that bad.  I like push-ups.  Even on my max out, it felt pretty good.

Then I woke up this morning and OH.MY.GOD. my armpits hurt like hell.  Seriously, I cannot lift my arms.

Of course, I blame Christie O. for this. (And don’t let her tell you that it’s MY fault her legs hurt.)

I’m actually excited for Day2.

So, who wants to join us?

And have I mentioned how much I love my bike?