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Weight at Challenge Start:  173

Weight last Wed:  172.4

Weight today:  170.6

Loss of 1.8 lbs

Woot, woot!!!!!  Since last Wednesday, I have ran a total of 7.25 miles and biked one mile.  I have done yoga twice and I do my hip exercises every day, although I have to say that the tworkout last night has made my wonky right hip sore again- it hasn’t been sore all week.  That being said, if I am to participate in Tuesday evening tworkouts, after running Tuesday morning (Tuesdays are “run” days for me), then I am going to have modify the exercises for now.  I don’t want to reinjure myself from doing something like a jump squat, kwim?

Anyhoo, I am over the moon that I am knocking on the door of the 160′s.  The last time I was in the 160′s was in April, right before I injured my hip and was knocked out from running for over 2 months.  Hopefully, next week, I will be firmly entrenched in the 160′s and continuing my weight journey DOWN.