D&D::Oh yeah! I’m down! | Christy


Lisa’s been here this week visiting. And when I have visitors, I normally do NOT lose weight. Hell, I don’t usually maintain. Why? Because I get lazy. I don’t count points, I don’t mind my portions, I eat when I’m not hungry. You know all about it. It’s a big fat excuse to do whatever I want and be lazy. This summer has been full of those big fat opportunities. Traveling hither and yon, more visitors than I can keep count of. Going, going, going. Excuse, excuse, excuse.

Something has changed though. Something in my mind. Something in my heart. I’m in this. Again. Yes, I’ve been to this place before. I’ve been ‘gung-ho’ and ‘feeling it’ and “balls to the wall” (if you will). And I’m here again. I’m ready to finally get to my goal, and experience the powerful feeling of being in maintenance mode.

I’m ready to get Down & Dirty!

Challenge Start: 142 Today: 140

Change: MINUS 2

Go Hot Sauce Demolition Ninjas! That’s the awesome name me and my team came up with for this Down & Dirty Challenge!!