Down & Dirty in 30 – Weigh in 1 – The Shrinking Jeans of Heather


August 4, 2010 By heather

This is a short weigh in week, so I’m that much more excited (hmmm, that’s some nice grammar) that I’m down 1.2 pounds today!

Finally. FINALLY.

My eating has been better, but far from perfect. Monday night I got home from the gym at 10:30 pm and was RAVENOUS. Like crazy, ‘I’m going to hurt somebody I’m so hungry’ hungry. I ate, a lot, but it was weird, random stuff. Like half a personal watermelon, a slice of light swiss cheese, crackers and then I went all velociraptor on some leftover rotisserie chicken.

It was an UGLY eat. But at least it wasn’t a bunch of junk.

So I’m guessing the loss has to do with the double workouts I’ve been doing. My normal stuff – running, hitting the elliptical, weights – and then the 30 Day Shred.

And I probably drank half my weight in water yesterday.

I feel super good about this challenge. My motivation level is rising. I’m ready to drop this pesky extra weight.

Here’s to another kick ass week!