Giveaway! Get Your Leg Warmers On. – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Yes click on this post and read to the very end! It’s very important!

Grab your teammates. Tell your friends.

We’re having a workout party on Tuesday night and YOU MUST BE THERE!

It is on Twitter. It’s our “Tworkout.” You’ve heard about it before because of our awesome April but this week is extra extra special. There will be prizes.

Whatever you’re watching on tv Tuesday night, guess what?? It has commercials! And we’re going to get a last chance workout in before Wednesday’s check-in! It’s like a big party! We want lots of people to come and play along! Because then, we may or may not have some super special guests join us in the coming weeks! So see? You MUST join in this Tuesday and grab your entire team! (Every calorie counts toward weigh-in, right?)

Don’t Twitter? Don’t know what we’re talking about? Log on to Twitter and create a username. THEN: follow @shrinkingjeans. THEN: come to our party Tuesday night at 8pm CT with your workout clothes on. April will Tweet out workouts and we will do them during the commercial breaks and then we all report back. I have been known to do this with my husband watching and shaking his head at me like I am ridiculous but WHATEVER! WE HAVE THE BEST TIME!  Also one time he tried to beat me out on the pushups and he fell in a heap and we laughed hysterically at his inability to do pushups. So it’s fun for the whole family!

And because it’s a workout and because it’s on Twitter, we call it a “Tworkout.” Brilliant, eh? And then we will give stuff away too! But you have to come workout in order to be eligible for any prizes.

SO LEAVE A COMMENT HERE with your twitter username so we can all be “friends” M’kay???? It’s like a sort of RSVP. And please say you’ll be there! Don’t make us beg! (We will!)

Tuesday night Tworkout: 8pm Central. Follow @shrinkingjeans.

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