Good morning, Scale. – Christie O


August 11, 2010 By christieo

Have you missed me, scale?

We have a sort of odd relationship don’t we? Every morning, you see me naked. Every morning I step on you. Some days you seem to mind and you tell me things I don’t like. Some days it seems like it’s ok with you and you tell me something nice.

Each day is like roulette. Sometimes it is a surprise, sometimes it is not.

I don’t know what kind of mood you are in.

I hope for the best.

Today you were nice. You told me I was down 1.5 and that made me happy.

So I will try to treat myself you nicely all week so that you will be nice to me again next week. And I will pretend that you really have something to do with the numbers you show me. (Even though we both know better, don’t we?)

Have a nice day, scale. (Did you do something different to your hair? It looks fantastic.)