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The advantage I have writing this Tuesday confessions post for the very first time is that I’ve got plenty of material. The bad news is… well… that I have plenty of material. I started making a list of my transgressions about a week ago, and it quickly became an 87 page document. I decided to […]

It’s time for our bi-monthly feature here on the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans: Mailbag Monday with Coach Joe. This week we have two running related questions for the column. Keep those questions coming! Question 1: To cross-train or not to cross-train Amy writes in the with the following question: Crosstraining? Seriously? Do I have […]

Today, we are going to take a look at Sister Spolight’s past!  Way back when we began the Sister Spotlight, we did it a little differently than we do now.  We took nominations and then chose a spotlight.  The sister spotlighted did not get to then choose the next spotlight.  When we re-introduced the Sister […]

It’s time to check in on where we are in the Pantry Purge! How’s it going?? I’m doing good (thank you for asking!) Don’t know what the Pantry Purge is? It’s never too late to work on it, we’re trying to USE WHAT WE HAVE, get creative with things that overfloweth in our pantries and […]

UPDATED! The winner of the nuun gift pack is Kirsten!! Please contact me at [email protected] with your snail mail. And happy hydrating! ***** I have to be honest here. I don’t like to drink water. It is a chore. And it’s not as if I’m a big soda drinker either. I drink a cup or […]

I was kind of resistant to getting my iPhone. I was already having trouble controlling my online time on my computer and I was afraid that having the iPhone would just become a huge Blackhole of Time. I promised myself that I would only get apps that truly helped me be more productive. I didn’t […]

This is a special announcement, you will want to click into here and read all about it, trust me! We told you we were cookin’ up something great all up in here at the Sisterhood, right? Well here it is! Tuesday night, we will have a special guest hostess joining us in our Tworkout (Twitter+workout=”Tworkout”) and […]

Are you ready for…. THE LEADERBOARD?? Team ARR! 2.53% Lowdown Dirty Losers     2.33% Exotic Gangstas 1.84% Team Queen      1.80% Gorilla Girls (and Guy) 1.67% Cute Calorie Cutting Challengers 1.64% Team Phab 1.55% Losin ‘N’ches 1.43% Fit, Fab, & Fun Five 1.33% It’s Going Down! 1.10% Sun Babes 0.99% Team Knockouts 0.92% Shrinking Beauties     […]

As you all know I’m a little new to the whole culture of Shrinking Jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely excited to be here, but my body’s still adjusting to the estrogen levels. That slight level of discomfort reminds me of when I first started on my weight loss journey 13 months ago. I […]

As most of you know, the old adage, “eating for two” isn’t really what you should be doing.  In fact, if you are pregnant with a single child you only need an average of 300 more calories per day.  I learned, the hard way, with my second pregnancy that caving to every craving, and “eating […]

Happy Wednesday morning everyone!  It’s time for your weekly check-in for this most awesome Down & Dirty in 30 Challenge!  How has everyone’s week gone?  Did you have a good week?  Are you having an awesome time hanging out and getting to know your teammates?  Are you picking your teammates up if they’ve had a […]

Man, oh MAN, what a tworkout we had last week!  I mean, you guys just rocked it last week!  I had so much fun, and I hope you did too!  And just look, here it is Tuesday, and we get to do it all over again!  I know you all are excited!  So, head on […]

It’s Tuesday, and if you’ve been around here for awhile, you know what that means!! If you’re new here, WELCOME! Tuesday’s are True Confession day here at the Sisterhood, which means we all spill the beans on our shortcomings for the past week. No BULL! But wait, you can also confess the victories you’ve had […]

Welcome to Mailbag Monday! Thanks to everyone for all your fantastic questions. Keep them coming! We have a running list, so if you’ve asked a question and we haven’t answered it, keep an eye out. Let’s get right to it, shall we? ***** I’d like to know if you have any homemade salad dressing recipes […]

Happy Sunday! It’s the day where we put the spotlight on one of our fabulous women (or men) around Shrinking Jeans! Let’s hear from last week’s pick, Bari! First off, a big THANK YOU to Julianne (aka Pubsgal) for nominating me for Sister Spotlight this week.  I’ve had a nice couple of weeks in the […]