Sister Spotlight | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s Sister Spotlight day and this week’s pick is courtesy of Julianne, a.k.a. Pubsgal! We think she made a pretty awesome choice…

So, I’ll be short and sweet.  Without further ado, here’s Pubsgal!


Boy, what a hard choice for nominating someone for the Sisterhood Spotlight!  There are so many great gals supporting each other here. Some people I was considering have already glowed in the Spotlight, so I had to put on my thinking cap…

…and decided to nominate Bari F. of the blog “Diary of a Shrinking Chick.” (!

I picked Bari mostly because I see her over on Daily Mile, regularly doing her thing.  I was inspired by her consistency in her workouts and her running, but other than Daily Mile, I didn’t know her very well.  This was the perfect opportunity to get to know her better myself.  So I checked out Bari’s blog, and I’ve learned that we have a few things in common:

– She’s a fellow Trekkie and Phineas & Ferb fan! – She’s from Michigan, which is where my husband and my dad are from.  (Garden City and Jackson, respectively, Bari!  So…are you a Red Wings fan, too?  Or is that just too silly a question….?) – We’re both training to run half marathons this fall!  Bari’s is the Grand Rapids 1/2 Marathon in October!

– And this month she’ll be joining me in the Fabulous 40s club!  (Happy Early Birthday!)