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I swear I had the worst week leading up to last week’s Sister Spotlight — with two sick kids up all night with terrible fevers (and barf,) having to cancel a trip to visit my favorite person in the world whom I haven’t seen in months (my sister and yes I cried when I had to cancel) and also very nearly having to cancel our other trip because it too just so long for them to get over this.  I know, wah wah, right? But then when it felt like I was literally at my lowest point, Beki picked me for the Sisterhood Spotlight and it just felt so good to be liked for the first time in days!! (Because you know how much kids like mommy when they’re sick, right?) I am honored beyond words to have been chosen. And I love Beki so much myself, she inspires me with all of her triathlon training and lawyering and she’s about to do a treadmill fundraiser that I am so excited to hear all about!!!!! Thank you Beki!

For this week’s spotlight, I choose a person who has become a dear friend to me over the internet and across the country. I choose Pubsgal. I have so much to say about her and how much love and admiration I have for her.

Pubsgal and I began training for triathlons together, virtually. Last year, we encouraged each other to take the plunge, we thought we were probably very, very nuts to do this, but we said if you jump, I jump. And we did (race report here). And we’ve done quite a few of them since. She makes me laugh so hard with her quirkiness, her race reports and her weekly progress reports.

She always makes me laugh. Last year, when we did the Lose For Good challenge with Weight Watchers, we tracked our losses in “cans” and we took pictures of our cans (aka how much weight we’d lost). We were gathering the number of canned goods that equaled the number of pounds we lost so we could see and feel the loss, and in the end we donated the food to a food bank. Anyway, she took pictures of her cans and when she gained some of her “cans” back, she told all of us her cans went missing and she showed them on vacation.

She kept track of where those cans were vacationing and updated us on their status. This girl cracks me up.

Well, one time, she went to a class at the gym and forgot a shirt. BUT THAT DIDN’T STOP HER! No siree bob!  While most of us would have thrown in the towel and left, she marched right on in and did the class IN HER SPORTS BRA! (You MUST read about it!) GO GIRL! I LOVE IT! When the time comes (because we all know it will) I promise to follow suit.

Incidentally, I went to search for this Sports Bra story on her blog and not only was the post I found about the sports bra, it also has a “cans whereabouts” update and also very incidentally, she cites an award I gave her in that post too! How ironic! This is how much I love her, what a weird coincidence that one is!

What I love about her is her truthfullness, her hilarity, her dedication to changing her life into healthy while living with type 2 diabetes, and being just so overwhelmingly supportive to the sisters here and to me. She has been there for us to support Team Shrinking Jeans in our race to San Diego through Team In Training, she has supported me on my 10 hours of treadmill at the mall, and she has supported my very personal causes in the March for Babies and in supporting families with babies in the NICU (which is my other passion).  She is always there for me and I tear up just thinking about it. If I think, “I can’t do it,” I think of her. If I say, “I can’t do it,” she tells me I can.

Pubsgal has two kids and also just recently started blogging about her food in pictures (Pubsgal Eats), and by the way she is training for another triathlon that is coming up, so wish her luck!!

I’ve never met her in real life (yet) but she has become a dear friend to me and now running across the Golden Gate Bridge has been added to my bucket list, all because of my west coast buddy.

Julianne, I have a million more words to say about you and how much your encouragement and inspiration mean to me, but one word most important: thanks.

Julianne, it’s up to you now! You’ve been charged with selecting the next Sister for spotlight! Get your submissions to us by Friday at [email protected]!

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