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Happy Sunday! It’s the day where we put the spotlight on one of our fabulous women (or men) around Shrinking Jeans! Let’s hear from last week’s pick, Bari!

First off, a big THANK YOU to Julianne (aka Pubsgal) for nominating me for Sister Spotlight this week.  I’ve had a nice couple of weeks in the scale (and non-scale) department and I really appreciated everyone’s nice comments in the post and on my blog.  I love how these spotlights allow us a little glimpse into the lives of our friends (and I say friends because that’s truly how I see all of you).

But now, it’s my turn.  The person I’m nominating this week has been around the Sisterhood for awhile, always there to leave a positive and encouraging comment on my blog (and I’m sure a lot of your blogs as well).  I didn’t really “know” her at all; only that she had a very cool user name   This rockstar has just recently run her first 5k, in a time that I can only dream about.  Under 30 minutes!  28:20!  That’s like a 9 minute mile pace people!  Rockstar!  Seriously, you should read her race report here.  This is a gal who started out with only a minute of running, just like many of us.  Inspiring.  Did I mention she’s also lost 45 pounds off of her tiny frame (I can say that cuz we’re the same height-only she is really tiny!).  She is learning that the “whole working out/eating right thing transformed to being about fitness instead of just about losing a certain number of pounds or fitting into a certain size of clothing”.  Wise woman.  She knows you have to “Go Hard or Go Home” if you want to make changes in your health, lifestyle, and appearance.  I love that philosophy!  It’s true.  We can’t fake it ‘till we make it.  We need to commit to living a healthier lifestyle, and that’s just what this Phab woman has done.

In case you haven’t already figured out the Phab woman I’m referring to, she’s xristinejoyce from and one of my awesome Team Phab sisters on the Down and Dirty in 30 challenge over at the Sisterhood.  I am so glad this challenge has allowed me to get to “know” XJ a little bit better.  I’m in awe that as tiny as she is, she’s continuing to lose weight and get stronger.  She has a phenomenal attitude and never has a shortage of kind words for the rest of us.  So, give it up “Woot-Woot” for XJ and head on over to her blog to show the love!

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