Something New – The Shrinking Jeans of Heather


August 25, 2010 By heather

I’ve been in a holding pattern for two weeks now. No gain, no loss. Stuck at 173.

Am I frustrated? Yeah. Totally.

But I am still motivated, and have decided to try something new this week. I’m doing a mini-cleanse following the Clean Program – liquid breakfast, then both lunch and dinner follow the elimination diet. This includes lots of fresh fruit and veggies, lean protein and no gluten or dairy. I’m not supposed to have caffeine either, but come on. That would make me homicidal. But I’ll cut down, I promise.

This is definitely not something I will do forever, but I have been wanting to do a cleanse for a while, and this seems less hardcore than others I’ve looked at. Plus, it is all natural, and that makes me feel better.

I’m hoping for a good result. Check back, I may whine blog about it here during the upcoming week.