The Monthly Project Wrap! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Aaaand that’s the wrap!

August is coming to an end and so is our Monthly Project for August. Did you partake? How did you do? What did you do? Please feel free to post your wrap up and link it up here in the comments so we can all share!

Mine went really well. I got my shopping and pantry and fridge all in order. I have a running inventory of items I have and I have an inventory of items we usually buy.

I have also taken this opportunity to make new recipes using old items, I’ve discovered about 10 boxes of frozen spinach and broccoli and have found several uses for them, I’ve whittled down my pantry and fridge items and have also taken the opportunity to begin couponing! I saved $50 in my big shopping trip by using coupons and deals last week!! A huge help was finding Southern Savers, a blog that lists every store’s coupons and flyers and even directs you to the manufacturers coupons and you can print a million billion coupons out and some stores take multiple coupons on the same item (pair that up with a buy one get one and you’ve got yourself two boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats for $2!! Just sayin’!)

This has been an amazing project for me! What about you???

Stick around, we have a new project coming up for September and we’re gonna give you a thing or two to think about! So leave your wrap up link for August here in the comments so we can come visit you and come back on Wednesday to find out what the new project is!

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