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This week has been an eye opener for me.

Do you have any idea how much frozen chicken I have? And how many bags of bagged salad I throw away weekly? It’s so sad!

So for week one of our Pantry Purge Project here at the Sisterhood, I have made almost all of the frozen chicken I had stores of and have vowed to make and eat the bagged salad in my fridge. I have also made it a point to use up what’s been sitting in my freezer/fridge/pantry instead of deciding “There’s nothing to eat” and going to buymorefoodordertakeout.

This has been nice not only to my wallet, but for Team Q when I report back on Wednesday. (Things are lookin real good. I’m just sayin.)

And I have to admit I’m giggling at the discussion going on at the ‘Hood about the contents of our pantries (we sure have learned a lot about ourselves and each other, like for instance, that people have an influx of: frozen chicken, jello, canned goods, frozen veggies, 7 month old popcorn, and how some of us Christy play “refrigerator Tetris”.

Anyway, here is what I’ve done this week:

My freezer “Before” picture and below is the “After”:

Darn. It doesn’t look that different. I see a difference though because I cooked most of the frozen chicken this week in the form of saffron chicken and rice and garlicky chicken tenders and got rid of that chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream without eating it myself. Also, I piled up the veggies in all one place (guess what next week’s project is?)

So for this week, I used the contents of my fridge and pantry to make a delicious salad that even my children loved, with one of the bags of salad that would have suffered an untimely demise had I not saved it.


  • Bag of spinach
  • A neglected bag of walnuts in the pantry
  • The last of the fresh mozzarella cheese in the fridge, I chopped it up into cubes
  • pickled beets that were being neglected in the fridge, I chopped those up
  • low-fat low calorie raspberry vinaigrette

I don’t have any measurements, I just tossed stuff in and eyeballed the dressing.

And someone took it down with the same vigor usually reserved for something like a french fry. So you know I had to take a picture of a little boy lovin’ him some spinach salad.

This week I’m tackling the frozen vegetable colony that  has multiplied in my freezer. And then I got some more work to do in the fridge and then, the dried goods. Haven’t really gone there yet, except for the boxes of cereal and one lonely box of pasta (there are a LOT more in there.) Boy I’m glad we got a month. Pretty sure it’s gonna take me that long.

Are you taking part in the Pantry Purge? It’s not too late, we’re doing this all month! I’ll check in on Sundays and you can link up any posts you’ve done on the Pantry Purge so we can go check out what you’ve been doing! And join the conversation on the Hood! Exchange recipes and horror stories!

So how’s your pantryfreezerfridge today?

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