True Confession Tuesday | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans


The advantage I have writing this Tuesday confessions post for the very first time is that I’ve got plenty of material. The bad news is… well… that I have plenty of material. I started making a list of my transgressions about a week ago, and it quickly became an 87 page document. I decided to spare you some of the details and just share with you some True Confession Tuesday highlights.

  1. I secretly wished that bacon was a condiment. Like some kind of sauce or spread that you could put on everything from breakfast cereal to sandwiches.
  2. I skipped work twice to go golfing. Shhh….
  3. I stayed up WAY past my bed time pretty much every night this week. Yep, the body is feeling that!
  4. I was accidentally awesome on numerous occasions. I wasn’t even trying I promise 😉
  5. I said “yes” a couple of times when I probably should have said “no.” Not exactly food related in this instance but easily could have been. I need to learn that “no” is a completely acceptable answer. No harm, no foul.
  6. I paid an extra 60 bucks I didn’t need to so I could get the “Harbor View” room at FitBloggin’ ’11. I don’t even know what that means, but it sounded more appealing than “dumpster view.”
  7. I watched 30 total minutes of television in the last week. 20 of them, Jersey shore.
  8. The other 10 minutes were pre-season football. Good gracious is that atrocious. It makes Snooki and The Situation look Oscar-Worthy.
  9. I typed this post pants-free.
  10. I worked out 4 days instead of 6 this week. This one is probably definitely due to the lack of sleep. I probably shouldn’t be finishing this post at midnight should I?

Number 1 goal for the upcoming week is GO TO BED ON TIME!

Now it’s your turn to spill your guts! What are you going to do to keep those little slip ups from becoming long term problems? Let’s do work!

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