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Welcome to another addition of True Confessions!  This is the post where we let it all out and then forget about it because it is a new day!  So, if you had a giant piece of cake that you’re feeling guilty about, confess it here!  I promise you will feel so much better!

I’ll start us off.

There’s something I’ve been wanting to confess for a while now.  Something that I’ve kept hidden deep down for a very long time.  I’ve tried to forget about this, this little love.  Okay fine, it’s a HUGE love.  But this love just keeps coming back taunting me with its naughtiness.  *SIGH*  I’m just going to say it.

I love ranch dressing.

And when I say love, what I really mean is LOVE.  It’s seriously a disease.  *hangs head in shame*

It all started a long time ago when my brother got the ranch dressing out of the refrigerator one day when we were having pizza.  I watched him curiously as he happily dipped his pizza into the ranch dressing, then happily munched on this crazy looking combination.

“That’s gross,” I told him.

“Have YOU tried it,” he replied.

“Gimme that,” I shot back.  And I snatched the ranch bottle from his side of the table.

It was love at first taste.  I suddenly needed ranch.  With everything.  Okay, not everything, but a lot of things!  I went from not only having it with all things pizza, but also having it with chicken, french fries, baked potatoes, chips, oh and healthy things too, like salads.  Ketchup was all but dead to me. (It couldn’t be entirely dead because I do still love ketchup on my cheeseburger turkey burger.)  And I don’t want to even talk about 1000 island dressing (my first salad dressing love).

When I first began this life journey called getting healthy, I pretty much gave up ranch dressing.  I would let myself have it with pizza if that was my treat for the week.  I could tell I hurt its feelings, but we had a long talk, and I explained that I still loved it, but I needed to do this for me.  Through tears, Hidden Valley told me it understood.

But sometimes it gets jealous and demands my attention and, folks, I had ranch dressing, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR times last week.  I know. I KNOW!

Looks like I need to have another talk with my Hidden Valley again.

Oh, and Blue Moons are the devil.

And I’ve already had punishment for the wings I had one day last week.  Hot sauce and the next day are not a good combo.  Just so you know and don’t make the same mistake.  You’re welcome.

Okay, so it’s a new week.   I WILL do better.

How about you?  What would you like to confess?

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