True Confessions Tuesday – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Good morning, shrinkers! Are you getting down and dirty? I sure am.

That’s my first confession, actually. I am loving up on this new challenge. I don’t know what it is, but I feel energized. It’s fantastic. Seriously. I’ve been circling the drain for a few months as far as my nutrition and fitness goes.

Another confession (and please excuse me if I’m overly perky, I’ve had FAR TOO MUCH caffeine today)…I’m digging the 30 Day Shred this time around. I went out and bought some heavier weights and I feel like I’m getting so much more out of each workout. Even better? My son is exercising along with me. Watching a 2 1/2 year old attempt push ups and reverse crunches may be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

(Hey! If you want to join in and shred, head on over to The ‘hood and join the Down & Dirty with the 30 Day Shred group!)

Next confession: I went to the lady doctor today. Okay, TMI, I know, but I do have a non-overly-personal point here. I disclosed that I’d been feeling moody and even kind of aggro lately. She suggested I start taking 2000 iu of Vitamin D per day. Did you know Vitamin D can help combat depression? I didn’t. I also didn’t know that there is only one month per year in the Pacific Northwest where you stand a chance to naturally absorb enough Vitamin D. So I picked up a supplement and am hoping it makes a difference. (On a side note, if you are suffering from severe depression, please see you doctor!)

I can’t let this confessional pass by without disclosing the food carnage that occurred on Saturday. I went to a toddler’s birthday party and had pizza and cake. Then, later, at home, I drank too many glasses of white wine which led to the nacho cheese Doritos.  All while watching half of the first season of Jersey Shore. (fist pump)

Oh, the shame.

Now it’s your turn to spill your guts. I want to hear all the dirty details. But also, if you’ve got something GOOD to confess, please do!

Confess or link up in the comments!

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