True Confessions Tuesday – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s Tuesday. You know, that day of the week when we come clean and tell the world about our little slip-ups, as well as our victories! If you haven’t joined us for our True Confessions yet, why not? Try it! It feels sooooo good to get it all out there! Did you flub on exercising? Did you make homemade Chex Mix and eat enough to feed a small tribe? Ahem. *cough* *cough*

I’ve been somewhat of a train-wreck all summer, so I’m sure you are all looking at this post and wondering what kind of slippage I’ve had now. Or maybe not.

The Great Ovary Debacle is still ongoing. Men, skip to the next paragraph, k? So, my little bff has been visiting EVERY DAY THIS MONTH except for 4 DAYS! That is 27 days, folks. My hormones are crazy, I have headaches all the time lately, and my appetite is ferocious. Yet, I am *trying* to keep it all in check. I have been doing a decent job, other than the whole Chex Mix incident.

This summer I completed a 1/2 marathon, a homemade 10K, and a 5K. Add in a few sporadic muscle work classes and there you have it. My ENTIRE summer exercise portfolio. Friday, I went on a brisk 2.3-mile walk with my good friend, Megan, and then we tackled the muscle work ++ class. I could barely walk the entire weekend. Yesterday, I did 3.35 miles on two different elliptical machines at the gym and then went to another tough class.