Tworkout Tonight! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans


Oh MAN.  I cannot even tell you how excited I am about this evening!  If you have never joined us for a tworkout, let me explain.  A tworkout is when we all gather around twitter while we’re watching TV, and I beat you throw out a few exercises for you to do, so we’re not just all sitting around on our bums.  And let me just say, I have an excellent tworkout for you fine tweeps tonight!  Seriously.  AND a little bird has told me that there MAY even be a few giveaways during tonight’s tworkout.  I mean, come ON.  How is that not a butt kicking good time?!

Tonight’s tworkout:

1.  2 mins buttkicks (while holding weights), 1 min jumping jacks.

2.  40 squat jumps.  (Please remember, slow and controlled jumps here! Form is key!)

3.  40 alternating lunges with bicep curls.

4.  Towel jumps.  (Grab a towel, roll it up, place it on the floor.  Stand on one side of your towel and jump sideways over the towel. Keep hopping over your towel as fast as you can for 3 mins.)

5.  Chair dips. (One of my favorites!)

6.  60 second plank hold. (Oooh, I like this one too!)


The party starts at 8 p.m. Central on Twitter!  BE THERE.

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