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First off, make sure your questions haven’t already been answered HERE.

We had our first official Tribal Council yesterday. View the video HERE, and if anyone knows why the quality went to crap somewhere between my computer and YouTube, please let me know.

There were a few mix-ups yesterday, but I think we managed to get them cleared up. I announced one tribemate as being “out” when really she should have been going to Exile Island. Again, just to clarify, the people that are “out” have not reported in on a Wednesday. Tribemates that are on Exile Island have either been voted there, or lost the lowest % of weight.

Exile Island tribemates are still more than welcome to converse with their former tribes and offer and receive support from them. There is no reason to not still be friends! The Sisterhood is all about support and friendship. They are just not “officially” part of their old tribes anymore. This is a CHALLENGE. There can only be one Ultimate Shrinkvivor. Voting off and people going to Exile Island is part of the challenge. Someone HAS TO GO. This was made clear before the start of Shrinkvivor. Sure, it may be disappointing, but in the end, we are ALL WINNING, because no matter what, we are making choices to get healthy. Shrinkvivor is intending to be fun and motivating.

Bad-mouthing, dishonesty,  and threats will not be tolerated. Period. We will disqualify anyone who doesn’t adhere to this. I hate even having to say this, but it apparently has to be said. This WILL NOT be taken lightly.

Exile Island members will continue to weigh-in on Wednesdays. Same rules apply.

The updated tribes list is HERE.

So, that’s all I can think of off the top o’ my head…. Leave your questions below and I will answer them, or if you have something you would rather discuss privately, I’m here for you at [email protected]!

Happy Shrinking!

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