My WeighIn and Getting a Few Things Off My Chest. – The Shrinking Jeans of Melissa


September 29, 2010 By Lissa

Before I get to my glorious results this week, I have a few things that I need to say. Now it’s my opinion and of course you don’t have to agree and I will probably still like you even if you don’t. ;p

There has been soooooo much drama made over the whole voting-off aspect of this challenge. So much. The thing is, it’s NOT JUST ABOUT THE WEIGHT-LOSS!!! It’s about supporting your tribe and even other tribes, being a good sport, trying hard in the fitness challenges, and yes, also weight-loss. There are so many different aspects. We could just focus on the numbers, yes. But:

  • What if you have a tribemate who hasn’t said ONE WORD of encouragement the entire challenge to anyone, or participated in the tribe’s emails and discussions?
  • What if you have a tribemate who’s negativity is constantly bringing people down?
  • Maybe you have a tribemate you don’t feel is being honest.
  • What if you have a tribemate who does not try hard in the fitness challenges and is therefore hurting your tribe?
  • What if you have someone on your tribe who is working really hard, is really supportive, but the scale just isn’t moving fast?

Are you still going to tell me that in these situations that it is just “high-school” to write someone’s name down? This IS NOT a popularity contest. This is about putting in the effort and bringing something to your tribe and good sportsmanship. I am not saying people who are sent to Exile aren’t trying hard (because nearly ALL OF US WILL BE THERE!!!), because most everyone is, BUT maybe some people are not looking at the bigger picture here.  If I think there is someone on my tribe that isn’t pulling their weight, will I write their name down? Yes!

Rant done. Am I a bitch? Yeah, maybe.

ANYWAY, that said. I am struggling horribly with things at home lately. I wanted more than anything to just crawl back into bed this morning and not workout and tell the world to screw off. I pushed myself, put my exercise clothes on, and got my ass to muscle work, where I proceeded to “burnout” my muscles. Yes, she actually called it burning out. And judging by the charlie horse I got at the end, it did just that. I feel better when I exercise, I don’t know why I try to hurt myself and my attitude by not doing it when I am bitchy. Totally self-destructive.

I did awesome with the no drive-thru this week. Still chugging my water as I need it. I had 285 minutes of exercise in between Thursday and Tuesday. Less than I was hoping for, but not bad.

My weigh-in:

Total let-down. I am going to keep plugging away at it. I’ll get there… some day.