O Christie | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


O Christie.

Christie O.

Christie with an IE.


She’s an inspiration.

A super-hero (seriously, she has a cape).

An amazing woman.

The best mom.

A best friend.

She’s happy, healthy, and so damn funny.

Not one average thing about her.

She’s willing to jump in anywhere and do just about anything.

Including swimming with gators and possibly sharks.

She overcomes.

She triumphs.

She leads by example.

She sets her bar high, and leaps.

She has no fear (or so it seems).

She has a bad ass bucket list.

She makes us think.

A lot.

She give us a reason to set goals.

She embodies Sisterhood.

Today is her birthday.

I wish this rhymed, because it would be cool.

Happy Birthday Christie O.

We love you.

Inside and out.

And upside and down.


p.s. OMG, I’m so glad you’re turning 35 before me. Let me know how it is okay? Cuz I’m right on your tail. LOVE!

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