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Shrinkvivor: OutFit, OutLose, OutLast

We know you’ve been dying to know every last stinkin’ detail about our upcoming challenge. You have, right? Or are we the only ones stupid-excited about it? (Please say no, please say no!).

This challenge is inspired by the hit reality TV show Survivor! Duh, right? All the planning started back in July when Melissa was visiting me, and now here we are. We are so excited to bring this challenge to you, and we know it will be the best ever (how will we ever trump this one?)! There will be tribes, tribal councils, challenges, immunity, yes, we’ve got it all!!

Well here it is. Here are the details you’ve all been waiting for!

  • Today we are opening up registration for the Shrinkvivor Challenge. Registration you ask? Yes! It will make things so much easier for us. So love it, okay?
  • Registration will run from today until Saturday, September 11th, at 12:00 p.m. CT. That’s lunch time in the Central Time Zone, yo!
  • Tribes will be announced on Sunday, September 12th.
  • The Challenge will begin on Wednesday, September 15th with the first challenge weigh-in.
  • The Challenge will end on Wednesday, November 3rd with the final weigh-in.
  • There will be ONE Ultimate Shrinkvivor for the challenge and one Exiled Shrinkvivor, both being announced on Thursday, November 4th.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Once we announce the tribes and you know which one you’re on, you can head over to the ‘hood, set up and get all cozy in your tribal lounge (aka Group). You will support each other throughout the duration of this challenge, so it’s important to get to know your tribe-mates. Each tribe will be assigned a color, but you are welcome to come up with a more “authentic” name (Team Coral: Katamundo or something equally as cool).

Each week, you will report your individual weigh-in via an online form, and you’ll also have the option to anonymously “vote off” one member of your tribe to Exile Island. In the case of a tie, the tribe member with the lowest % of weight loss overall will be sent to Exile Island. The lowest % weight-loss tribe will also be sent to Exile Island. These Exiled tribe members will be announced during the Tribal Council vlog on Thursdays (sort of like the Leaderboard in past team challenges).

It’s an ‘island’ for all cast-off tribe members/tribes to join together in one big tribe. They will still be part of the challenge and eligible to win the Exile Shrinkvivor title. There will be a prize pack for the top Exiled Shrinkvivor at the end of the challenge.

We will have a Tribal Council vlog each Thursday to announce who has been sent to Exile Island. It’s going to be awesome!

What is the Ultimate Shrinkvivor?

The Ultimate Shrinkvivor is the winner of the challenge! The winner will be determined by total % of weight lost during the challenge and by votes received on an online poll, and they’ll get some really totally awesome prizes!

Will there be mini-challenges during the Shrinkvivor Challenge?

We are so glad you asked!! Yes, each week challenges will be featured on the weekly Tribal Council vlog: one non-fitness and another fitness-oriented. Challenges will be announced on Thursday’s Tribal Council vlog. The tribe that wins the fitness challenge will receive the immunity idol for the week. They cannot be sent to Exile Island that week, nor do they have to vote off a tribe member.

Who can participate in this challenge?

That would be you, and you, oh and also YOU! Yes, anyone who needs to lose weight can join this challenge. Men, women, aliens, mountain goats. Okay, maybe not mountain goats because they probably don’t have internet service in the mountains….But yes, this challenge is completely open to anyone. As a matter of fact, we want you to tell all of your friends, acquaintances, and neighbors. Shout it from the rooftops, blog about it, Tweet it, Facebook it. Send everyone you know here to this post! Those of us here at Shrinking Jeans who need to lose weight will be participating, too! You didn’t think we would miss out on the fun, did you? Don’t worry, we will photograph our scales each week as back-up.

Prizes? Did you say prizes?

Yes! There will be awesome prizes for the Ultimate Shrinkvivor, the Exile Shrinkvivor, and select tribes challenge winners. We’re not going to say exactly what the prizes are just yet (we have to save something!!!), but we’ll tell you that the combined value of all the prizes is more than $1500. WOW. Yes, we’ve been working very hard to secure some amazing sponsorships to make this our best challenge yet!

We have a great line-up of sponsor for the Shrinkvivor challenge, including CLICK, Land’s End, EA SPORTS Active, Fitness Coffee, and Born Fit. More challenge sponsors are in the works and will be announced, along with the prizes, when we kick-off the challenge on September 15th!

Some other housekeeping stuff:

Registration is now open, and will close on Saturday, September 11th at 12 noon CT. If you don’t register in time, you don’t get to be part of the challenge. We hate for it to be that way, but it’s how it has to be. You cannot request to be placed on a tribe with your friends. Tribes will be randomly selected and vlogged on Sunday, September 13th. If you are not serious about losing weight, please do not join. Seriously. If you don’t weigh-in each week, you will automatically be disqualified. Plus it sucks for your tribe-mates if you are not fully committed!

So what ARE you waiting for? Register NOW!!! As a bonus, the first 100 people to sign up for the challenge will receive a free sample of CLICK!

AND, in closing, if you have any questions, because we know it’s a lot to take in, leave a comment! Heck, leave a comment and let us know how excited you are, okay? Just so we know it’s not just us 🙂

Disclosure: The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans’ Shrinkvivor Challenge is sponsored by CLICK, Land’s End, EA SPORTS Active, Fitness Coffee, and Born Fit. We did not receive any monetary compensation for promoting these companies, we just love them. They are sponsoring all the prizes which will be awarded during the challenge. All opinions expressed about these brands are our own. (Visited 10 times, 1 visits today)