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Ann has been a Sister since way back when. I mean, like one of the original people to come over to this site and give US support as we started this journey. From the beginning, Ann was an amazing Sister. She gave it her all and gave all of herself in supporting so many other ladies (and men) on the journey.

Ann is our Sister Spotlight this week!

We’ve seen her decide that it was time to lose weight, send her oldest son off to college, homeschool her younger son, we were with her when her husband lost his job, and when she had to start working 3rd shift to make ends meet. Through it all, Ann has been here, and Ann has not given up.

Even with the craziest work schedule on the planet, and having to be present for her family, when a lot of people would have just said I CANNOT DO THIS, she didn’t. She found a way to make it work. Ann started wearing a pedometer at work and tracking her miles, and when she slipped with her weight loss, she buckled down and got back on track. She even started going to the gym and running using the C25K program. You know why Ann did it? Because she realizes that she is worth it. She is an amazing woman, wife, mother and friend; and she deserves to be in the Spotlight this week!

Ann, I hope you’re enjoying your move to 2nd shift, and that you’re able to make even more positive changes to your life. I cannot wait to virtually celebrate with you as you cross the finish line of your very 1st 5K in a few weeks. You and your brother are going to ROCK it and you know we’ll all be cheering for you!

Okay, now it’s your turn to give Ann some Sister LOVE!!!!

Ann it’s up to you to Spotlight the next Sister! Send your submission to us at [email protected] by Friday 🙂

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