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Last week I chose Ann as the Sister Spotlight, and this week she chose to Spotlight our very own Melissa this week! I don’t think she could have picked anyone more awesome!!

Here’s what Ann has to say:

I was so blessed to read the spotlight that highlighted me. I never was the “popular” girl in school. I just did my own thing. I had a few good friends, but I lost touch with them after high school. Facebook has helped me “somewhat” revitalize some of these friendships but we really don’t have much in common any more and that to me is a VITAL part of friendship. That is why I consider many of the sisters over here at the Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans my friends. We all have things in common….even if it is nothing more than we want to lose weight to be the healthiest, fittest women (and men) for our families and friends.

My choice for the Sister Spotlight is none other than Melissa. She has been everything a friend could be to me (without actually physically being there)! Hopefully we can change that someday, too!

Melissa’s husband is gone for months at a time and she lives in a very harsh winter climate, ND! AND she takes all this in stride as she deals with the schedules of 4 very active kids! One of the things I love most about her is that she is always REAL with us…if she has a bad day, she tells us. If she has a great day (or week) she tells us. She is right there with me in the trenches of life taking care of the family, house, and herself….sometimes forgetting that SHE is the most important part of that equation! She is also a great person to keep me in check when all I want to do is delve into a big pan of Betty Crocker Brownies! (thanks ‘Lissa for posting your comment on my Facebook status…it kept me from going overboard with them!!)

She takes great pictures, has a fun, spunky personality and is full of life!! My hat goes off to Melissa as she deals with the daily struggles of losing weight and juggling a busy household!! You have to go over to her personal blog and read about her adventures….She is my choice for the Sister Spotlight because I think she would be a great friend to pick up the phone and have a long chat about everything and nothing all at the same time! Looking forward to “meeting” you someday soon, Melissa. Until then keep on being YOU!!

Thanks Ann for your awesome Spotlight of Melissa!! And now, if I may add a few thoughts of my own……

Do you know how it feels when you sit and think that you don’t tell the important people in you life just how you feel? Well I feel like that right now. I’m having my morning coffee and I have a million things I want to say about Melissa, but I don’t want to steal Ann’s post. So I will just say this:

She is one of the best friends I’ve ever had. She’s funny, smart-as-hell, snarky, understanding and tough. She deals with my tad-bit-of-OCDism, and doesn’t hesitate to put me in my place :P. That is friendship.

She is my tireless partner in all things Shrinking around the Sisterhood. We joke that we share a brain, but I really think it’s that our brains have some secret connection that runs back and forth down US HWY 83 from Leakey to Bismarck. It’s a fast connection, too! This site wouldn’t be a quarter of what it is if it weren’t for Melissa. Trust me.

I love Melissa and am so glad that she was this week’s Sister Spotlight!!!

Melissa, you know the drill 🙂

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