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Remember me? Yes, I’m the girl who gives everyone homework that no one likes (oh stop, you love me dont you?) Well, if you haven’t read about this month’s “Monthly Project”, go to there and check it out. We’re working on our innards this month and we want you to tackle something.

Which behaviors have you chosen to dispose of? What do you want to work on? What inner monologue are you trying to change? Don’t have anything yet? Haven’t posted about it yet? Don’t know where to start?

I’ll give you a jumpstart.

This week PICK ONE thing that you really really really despise about yourself, something that you do that thwarts your weight-loss efforts, something that prevents you from making time, someone in your life that that’s always negative, some inner monologue that always rears its ugly head and fills you up with doubt, JUST PICK ONE THING! And then exchange it for something better.

Tackle it full on like you were just drafted as someone’s number one Fantasy Football draft pick and you wanna TAKE IT OUT.

Exchange it as if you are standing at the Customer Service desk and you’re not happy with your purchase and you say to the lady, “Excuse me, I’d like to exchange this little piece of negative self talk called ‘I look like crap today’ for some ‘I look HOT today and yes my butt looks fantastic in these jeans,’ because that will fit much better.” And then the sales lady will say, “Why of course! We have a very liberal exchange policy. Anything else you’d like to exchange? And oh yes, we’re open 24-7!”

I like that lady. 

Go post. Link it up here. Or post and link it up in the HOOD. Either one. Let’s talk. MKay? Can’t tackle anything if you don’t start tackling something! I’ll start with mine, this week I am tackling my constant feeling of obligation which makes NOTHING FUN anymore. And I don’t want my life to be like that because it makes me tired and it makes me feel like I am under pressure and that I want to fold and not do anything at all. It also happens to make me overeat, convenience eat, and stress eat. It also makes me want to half-ass all my exercise. It makes me not live in the present. It makes me STRESSED OUT. And all of it leads straight to not workout out and eating like crap. Sound familiar?

Let’s go tackle together! Exchange your goods!

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